Battery LIFEPO4 105Ah
LiFePO4 Lithium
iron phosphate lithium iron phosphate
We offer BMS boards, special boxes with or without display for monitoring parameters, contact plates for 100A and 200A and other accessories.
Please do not call with the question: Are the batteries new and what can they be used for?
Answer: There is enough information on the Internet.
How do you calculate how many batteries are needed for a given voltage?
Example: 8 batteries of 3 volts = 24 volts
If you want to be calculated for the number of batteries; investment / return, etc .: the price is BGN 20 with prepayment by Econt. Free calculations and telephone consultation: NOT AVAILABLE

Rated capacity: 100Ah
Rated voltage: 3.2V
Standard charging current: 0.2C
Life: 2000 cycles
80% charge up to 4000 cycles
Working temperature: 0 - 45 C,
Storage temperature and humidity: -20 to 60C, 45 to 85% RH
Weight: 2kg
Higher capacity and stable discharge voltage, high continuous discharge rate.
Application: solar systems; Wind generators; hybrid systems, digital devices, medical devices, etc.
Batteries using Lithium Iron Phosphate technology are most commonly used as substitutes for lead-acid starter batteries.

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Battery LIFEPO4 105Ah

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