Controller Sabvoton SVM7280 5000W Smart Sine with Bluetooth
Technical specification:
1. Voltage: 48V, 60V, 72V battery,
Current: 80A,
Maximum phase current: 200A
Brushless motor power: 2000-300W
Maximum power with 72V battery: 5760W
2. Product size: 249x147x65mm
3. Net weight: 1.9 kg
4. Test method: Hall sensor
5. The phone app or computer software can communicate with the controller to change the parameters
• FOC 180 sine wave controller applied to BLDC or PMSM. (ie can work with or without a Hall sensor)
• Easy connection
• Soft start and no noise
• Programmable DC controller from PC and phone
• EBS support and regenerative function
• Support for flow attenuation function

Sabvoton SVMC Programmable Sine Wave Motor Controller works with high efficiency, less noise and lower power consumption, making your electric vehicles or electric motorcycles more convenient and easier to control. Our designed user-friendly programmable motor controller interface makes it easy and fast to set parameters, run tests and get diagnostic information.
1. FOC-180︒sine wave drive controller applied to BLDCM or PMSM..
2. It only takes 3 minutes for the bike to be well matched to its best electronic angle for the first time.
3. Motor torque ripples will be reduced to a minimum to ensure that the electric vehicle will operate without noise and vibration, smoothly and comfortably.
4. The precision current ring can provide accurate torque input to meet the requirement 0f large output torque during vehicle starting and climbing.
5. The controller enjoys high efficiency due to the spatial vector converter control algorithm, which can effectively reduce the temperature rise of the controller and extend the battery life.
6. Built-in various protection: locked rotor protection, over current protection, overload protection, over temperature protection, over speed protection, over voltage protection, low voltage protection and so on, effectively guaranteeing the safety of electronic control system and vehicle tool.
7. The intelligent system status and fault management system can effectively monitor the current operating mode of the system, external input status, the case of system failure, and the LED flashes at the same time to facilitate diagnosis and maintenance.
8. Rich peripheral interfaces: reverse, cruise, anti-theft, electronic brake, etc.
9. Modifications and parameter settings are available through online configuration with an online computer
10. CAN BUS is optional to communicate with body instruments and BMS
- MOSFET details: 18FET
- Body material: aluminum
- Controller design: Sinusoidal 80A 5000w DC brushless motor controller; controller for electric scooter, bicycle, tricycle, etc.
Application: Electric bicycle

Motor: 1000w-4000w brushless DC with Hall sensor, phase angle 120 degrees.
Front Wheelset: Front: 24” Double Wall Alloy Wheel or 17”;18”;19” Bike Alloy Wheel
Motorized rear wheels: 17”; 18”; 19” aluminum moto rim
Hall display, display UKC1,
Communication protocol: No.2/APT
SVMC7245-M V2 Features: Hall, Throttle, Light Power, PAS, Throttle, Alarm, Speed Limit, Low Brake, Three Speeds, Display, Reverse, Phase Wires, Power Wires.
Controller design: sine wave controller,
programmable by computer and phone.
speed: 80kmh+
Additional accessories:
Display G51 - BGN 49
Color display SW-58 - BGN 49
Color display UKC1 - BGN 249
Bluetooth Controller control kit - BGN 79
We offer frames, motors and others - upon request
You get:
1 x Controller
1 x USB cable for communication with a computer

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Controller Sabvoton SVM7280 5000W Smart Sine with Bluetooth

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