Soldering iron 220V 80W with display and adjustable temperature for soldering and set of attachments
The soldering iron has a high quality ceramic heater, which
heats to optimum temperature for up to 50 seconds. Adjustable temperature with thermostat range 200 ~ 500 ° С
Easy to use: No need for a soldering station, just plug and play. There is a soft and ergonomic handle, which is designed to be as comfortable as possible. 6 replaceable nozzles that come into use even in the most complex projects.
Easy to store: The set is sold in a special tool case, which makes it convenient to store and carry in case of electrical repairs outside the workplace.
Energy saving and environmentally friendly: Using modern high-efficiency and energy-saving heating technology, the actual consumption of an 80W soldering iron is about 20W, which makes it more efficient, more economical and more environmentally friendly than other soldering irons.
Material: iron, plastic. electronic components
Plug: EU-220V
We adjust the pace. Range: 200 - 500 Celsius
Size: 195 x 20mm
Power cord length: 1.4 m
How to make a quality solder?
is a temperature process in which when reaching
high temperature, most often using a soldering iron solder with tinol between the components or electronic elements.
Various alloys of tinol (tin-lead) are used for soldering elements.
Its most common ratio is tin / lead (60% / 40%). According to the elements
which will be soldered, it is good to choose a suitable thickness of tinol. For
fine work, solders with a diameter of Ф0,5mm to are preferably used
Cleaning the working part (tip) of the soldering iron is mandatory to get a good and
quality solder. You can clean the tip of your soldering iron a lot
ways using liquid flux, rosin, nishadar, acids, pastes,
cleaning sponge. In addition to cleaning, the flux can also be used
for mechanically strong solder with high electrical conductivity. Working with a soldering iron sounds easy, but don't be fooled there is a lot
requirements you must comply with.
1) Unpack the soldering iron and switch it on.
2) While it is gradually heating, immerse its beak in
rosin to do the so-called “tinning
on the beak "- this is done only once the first time on a newly purchased soldering iron, otherwise there is a chance to defect
the tip of the soldering iron.
3) Hold the working part in the rosin until it begins to melt (from solid
state passes into a liquid) and emits an unpleasant odor. The color of the beak at this stage is dark (black-brown).
4) Take a thin tinol and lightly touch the tip of the soldering iron to
tinola until a shiny effect is obtained (like a silver drop).
5) Lightly clean the tip of the soldering iron with a sponge or paper.
How to solder properly:
Here's a link to NASA's solder quality requirements:
1. Clean the connecting parts.
2. Clean the tip of the soldering iron and tin all surfaces
connecting parts
3. Heat the joints, not the solder.
4. Finish the solder - from the core to the heated parts outside, not to
soldering tip, and heat the mixture until the solder melts and flows
MOST IMPORTANTLY - solder without "burning" the tinol
and without overheating the connecting elements by adjusting the
the temperature of the soldering iron knob.
Modern unleaded tinols have a higher melting point (about 400 g) and
operating temperature about 450g. - they are harder to work with.
The lead ones have an operating temperature of about 360-380 g.
The solder must be shiny and even.
1. During use, the soldering iron can be placed on the iron stand
2. Please do not adjust the solder temperature to 450
degrees Celsius for a long time, at excessive temperatures will accelerate
oxidation of iron and will be difficult to solder.
3. Please use a sponge to wipe and clean the tip of the soldering iron after
using it
4. When the adhesive is not used temporarily, the temperature of the soldering element
should be adjusted to 200 degrees Celsius if you do not use solder for a long time
time, the power must be turned off.
The package includes:
1 x soldering iron
5 x soldering tips (tips)
1 x tinol size 0.8mm
1 x metal stand
1 x plastic tool case
1 x paste cleaning paste

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Soldering iron 220V 80W with display and adjustable temperature for soldering and set of attachments

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