Automatic Dual Axis Solar Tracking System 24/7 - 6 Photovoltaic Panels
The system operates 24/7, increasing electricity generation efficiency by more than 40% compared to conventional stationary photovoltaic systems. The investment is larger, but it is returned in a period of 2-3 years.
It is the simplest dual axis solar sun tracking system that is easy to install and maintain. Tracks the sun automatically every day and improves energy production by 30%-40%.
Sample offer:
Price for 6 panels - Automatic two-axis solar tracking system 24/7 - BGN 2500
Number of panels: 6 panels x 550W with dimensions of 2 meters by 1 meter
Panel arrangement: 2 rows of three panels per row
Power consumption: 25-40W
Components and Labor Breakdown:
Materials for making a supporting frame: BGN 300
Labor for making a supporting frame: BGN 500
Materials for making a foundation: BGN 300
Labor for installation of foundation: BGN 300
Components for automatic system: BGN 500
Labor for electrical wiring and setting: BGN 300
Management labor: BGN 200
Total: BGN 2,500
If you want an offer for your panels: BGN 200
If you want an offer with a site visit: BGN 300 (+ transport costs)
The offer is valid for a project including 1-10 frames.
We issue a pro forma invoice, the money is transferred by bank transfer and within 3-5 working days we prepare an offer and provide drawings, dimensions, time and period of execution.
Please fill in the information:
panel size
panel weight:
number of panels placed on 1 frame (example - 4; 6; 8; 10 units):
the system will be located on the ground/roof:
Before you call, please prepare and send the panel information in writing.

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Automatic Dual Axis Solar Tracking System 24/7 - 6 Photovoltaic Panels

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