Throttle finger with LCD display and switch 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V
12-96V Throttle Finger with LCD Display and Key for Electric Bicycle, Scooter, Tricycle - Universal - Battery Powered; LCD display for battery voltage
Technical specifications:
Black color
Material: plastic
Length: 200CM
Operating voltage: DC 0.8V-42.V
Suitable for handlebars with a diameter of 22 mm
Features and benefits:
1: Suitable for all lithium batteries and lead acid batteries.
2: Battery 12V-96V automatic identification, choke DC 0.8-4.2V
3: Digital voltage display, intuitive and accurate judgment of remaining capacity, mileage.
4: May indicate vehicle fault according to voltage

Green is for signal(speed control), red wire is for throttle +5v, black is negative wire; please connect according to the function wire of the controller, you can't just match the same color wire, if it is connected wrongly, it will damage the controller and the thumb.
wire: yellow is for voltage display wire, connect to positive power supply of electric bicycle.
wire: blue wire connected to controller power lock output wire, yellow wire connected to controller power switch input positive power wire.
For this display, the battery is measured by voltage. this thumb can work for any electric bike up to 96v with lead acid battery, lithium battery and so on. The thumb automatically identifies the voltage. Due to the difference in battery material, battery condition (new or old,), controller data, the battery voltage response will be different, so the data below will have a slight deviation of 1V. Customers, please check according to your battery to get the battery data.
For 24 electric bike, the max voltage is about 29.4v, mini is about 21v or higher,
For 36v electric bike, max voltage is about 42v, mini is about 29v or higher,
For 48v electric bike, the maximum voltage is about 54.6v, /58.8v, the minimum is about 40v or higher,
For 60v electric bike, max voltage is about 72v, mini is about 49v or higher,
For 72v electric bike, max voltage is about 84v, mini is about 60v or higher,
For other electric bike with higher voltage, a voltmeter should be installed.
How to maintain the lithium battery:
Because the lithium battery has different materials (triple lithium battery, lithium manganese battery, lithium iron phosphate battery), so we cannot give an exact number to measure the balanced level of the battery. Customers, please measure the remaining battery level according to the battery indication and the maximum voltage number. Usually charge when 30% is left and finish charging when the battery reaches 80%. This is the best for the battery. Each lithium battery has no memory, you can charge at any time, use at any time, which will not affect the battery life. Please do not reload or recharge. Please fully charge and discharge every two months, which will keep the battery at max.

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Throttle finger with LCD display and switch 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V

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