Throttle Thumb Sine Wave Controller TF-100 36V 48V 350W 

This controller is a sinusoidal design for a Hall sensor brushless motor.
Brushless Hall motors are 3+5 wire or 3+6 wire, the two types of motors for which the sine wave controller is best suited.
This controller is suitable for electric scooters as well as electric bicycles.
This controller has a self-learning design, when you install it for the first time, there may be motor flicker, this is normal because the controller does not detect your motor parameter, you can short the self-learning wire for 5 seconds, the controller will automatically check the parameters of your engine and it will be automatically compatible.
The advantage of this design is that the controller is compatible with almost all brushless motors. Many single-mode sine wave controllers on the market do not have self-learning cables, and this controller is designed with self-learning motors to perfectly solve this problem that bothers users.
Please don't need to worry if your motor runs in the opposite direction after the initial installation, it is normal, you can short circuit the self-learning wire to change the motor's initial direction.
If you want to adjust the accuracy of the speed LCD display, you can enter the LCD adjustment mode and set the motor wheel diameter in P06 in inches.
Set the speed magnet in P07, normally you can set it to 23,.
After setting P06 and P07, you can test the speed in real time with the map navigation app, if the speed of the LCD display is greater than the speed of the navigation display, then you can reduce the parameter of P07 to reduce the display ratio of speed.
If the speed of the LCD display is less than the speed of the navigation display, you can increase the parameter in P07 to increase the speed display ratio. Once you find the exact speed that suits you this way, you will see the LCD display showing the exact speed.

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Throttle Thumb Sine Wave Controller TF-100 36V 48V 350W

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